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Real Estate Agencies: Residential Properties in Riverhead, NY

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Riverhead is the gateway to Long Island’s North and South Forks including the Hamptons and Montauk Point. It is a middle class area with an historic town where many buildings date from the late 1800s. Riverhead is also the county seat; and as anyone responding to a jury summons can tell you, the county court system is here as well. This town is home to both the Riverhead jail and the famed Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe- (over a hundred hand-made flavors, the stuff memories are made of). In short, it is a study in contrasts.

Riverhead is also a town of festivals celebrating the area’s culture. In July the town hosts the annual Blues Festival attracting 200,000 music lovers. Come August over 250,000 arrive daily for the Polish Town Festival Weekend. Why a Polish Festival in Riverhead, you ask? There is the 10-block Polish Town section where even the grocery store signs are foreign, and hundreds line up outside Lek’s Butcher Shop every Easter for homemade Kielbasa (the best!) and traditional baked delicacies. The past is also preserved at Star’s Luncheonette in the center of town. With original early 1900s décor, a soda fountain and booths, Star’s is a mecca for young and old. Production begins in January on the nearly 1,000 Easter bunnies and baskets made from antique molds and assembled by one elderly family member. Tradition lives on in Riverhead at every corner. Just across from Star’s locals are working to preserve and renovate the town’s old theatre. And just down the street from the theatre, Atlantis Marine World, the commercial aspect of a marine biology laboratory, educates Long Island’s children about local sea animals.

Another family entertainment is shopping, and here, Riverhead does not disappoint. Tanger Outlets has completed its second phase of development in Riverhead, with a third subdivision planned. With over 165 name brand stores selling clothing, accessories and home furnishings, an occasional weekend afternoon spent at Tanger has become the Long Island family’s norm. In summer when shopping palls there is the nearby Splish Splash water park for a soothing cool down and more family fun. Ranked in the top 5 of the nation’s water parks by The Travel Channel, Splish Splash adds new and exciting water rides each season while maintaining old favorites.

Now about housing- as of this writing, Riverhead boasts no McMansion communities, but they loom on the horizon. Today’s farms are indeed, tomorrow’s tract mansions. Current housing opportunities range from trailer parks of all descriptions, to spot built, and the ubiquitous development communities of single-family homes. In recent years, Riverhead has become a mecca for over-55 communities, possibly because large tracts of land in Riverhead have been relatively inexpensive for developers to acquire (also because there is a hospital nearby). For more information, or to view houses in Riverhead, contact a local realtor.
Real Estate Agencies: Residential Properties in Riverhead, NY

Bagshaw Real Estate

437 East Main St., Riverhead NY 11901 Tel 631-727-3713
E-mail: shogan@bagshawrealestate.com; Website: bagshawrealestate.com

Landmark Realty of Long Island Inc.

Real estate appraisal services, consultant services to residential and commerical buyers. Real estate broker.
5964 Route 25a., Wading River NY 11792 Tel 631-929-3600

Little Bay Realty Inc.

General real estate, home sales, home rentals.
Rt. 25A, Wading River NY 11792 Tel 631-929-8400

Sovereign Properties Gateway

889 East Main St., Riverhead NY 11901 Tel 631-727-6388