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Sightseeing in Long Island, NY

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This page lists local attractions for tourists and residents alike. Take advantage of the many tours, museums, parks, boat excursions, historic places, historic houses and sightseeing attractions that are available for fun and leisure.
Every year hundreds of thousands make the pilgrimage to the end of Long Island, climb the 137 steps to the top of the Montauk Light and take in some the most breathtaking views anywhere. Here at Montauk Point State Park the beaches and view are much as they were in President Washington’s time, when he commissioned the Lighthouse. Preserved for future generations Montauk Point now serves as the literal highlight of a day spent touring and enjoying some of what the East End of Long Island has to offer. The Lighthouse itself is commanding. Constructed of limestone brought over on barges from quarries in Connecticut, its walls are six feet thick at the base. Its beam casts light out 19 nautical miles to aid ships en route to Manhattan, Boston, the St. Lawrence Seaway and Canada.

At the Montauk Lighthouse you’ll find a gift shop as well as a museum. But fieldtrips by schoolchildren aren’t the only visitors to the site. Many weddings have been held on the grounds and vows have even been taken beside the beacon. In July Triathletes compete in a swim, bike and run that culminates in race to the top of the tower finish line! There are family-oriented activities at the Lighthouse year round including craft sales, special lighthouse weekends, Holiday gatherings, even ghost stories around Halloween!
Sightseeing in Long Island, NY