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Law Firms & Lawyers: Health Care in Hamptons Long Island, NY

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Attorney listings for legal help with health care issues. Multi-service law firms and lawyers specializing in medical malpractice, medical claims and health insurance reimbursement, disability determination and related medical concerns are listed below.
We list family lawyers in Southampton and surrounding towns. A brief guide to the legal services that lawyers who specialize in family law offer is included below the professional listings.
Law Firms & Lawyers: Health Care in Hamptons Long Island, NY
Famliy law attorneys handle a number of special areas of law concerning: adoption, alimony, child abuse, child support, parental custody and visitation, domestic violence, grandparent rights, and divorce. The federal government mandates that child support guidelines be used by the states. However, the specific guidelines are different for each state. For example, income of each spouse is always part of the equation but each state has its own formula. Other important issues that are part of each state guideline include: deductions, childcare expenses, and health care expenses. Many guidelines also provide a framework for resolving shared custody and visitation arrangements.