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Law Firms & Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law in Hamptons Long Island, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 06:29 PM EST with 3 listings
Divorce attorneys often handle more legal proceedings than divorce trials. Many of these lawyers would deine themselves as family lawyers, providing mediation and other services to avoid the alternative of divorce. Family lawyers often handle issues like child custody, child visitation, spousal seperation, wills and estate planning.
We list divorce lawyers in Southampton and surrounding towns. A brief guide to the legal services that lawyers who specialize in divorce offer is included below the professional listings.
Law Firms & Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law in Hamptons Long Island, NY

Divorce Mediation Professionals - Garden City

585 Stewart Ave, Freetown NY 11530 Tel 516-222-0101

O'Donnell, Patricia Attorney at Law

Hamptons NY attorney with focus on alimony and spousal support law
157 North Main St., East Hampton NY 11937 Fax 631-329-6743
Tel: 631-329-2843

Schell, Renee

Southampton NY matrimonial law practice covering divorce settlements, separation and prenuptial agreements and other aspects of family law
300 Hampton Rd., Southampton NY 11968 Fax 631-283-0265
Tel: 631-283-0092
Divorce lawyers typically handle issues related to property division, child support and alimony, custody and visitation. However if you need help with militaty divorce or tax issues realted to divorce it is wise to seek a legal expert with qualifications in these areas. Divorce lawyers may perform divorce mediation or refer to a specialist in mediation.

In New York State there are six legal grounds for divorce. Four of these are based on a "fault" by one of the spouses. While it is possible to represent yourself, its very risky because divorce law is very complicated. The cost of a divorce varies very widely depending on how many issues are easily agreed upon and which issues are contested. In addition to the costs of a good attorney you may also need to obtain other professional services (real estate appraisal services, etc.). An uncontested divorce might be resolved within thirty days but complex contested divorces can sometimes last up to three years.